Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Beginning

January 1.

It's the best time of the year to make a change, right? Truth is, I've been craving change on this blog for quite some time. I don't like that my last name is in the url. I don't like that my kid's real names are used on here. These are 2 of many things I would change if I knew 4 years ago what I know now about blogging.

So I thought, let's make a change in 2012. A fresh start with a new blog. I hope you will move with me. I know it's a pain to change out a url in blog readers and so forth, but I won't be posting here any more.

My new blog, Journey to Joy, will be a much simpler, quicker blog about the things that bring me joy every day this year. Some days it will be my kids, somedays it may be a piece of chocolate or a pretty cake. There have been too many families I know touched by tragedy recently and I want to be very intentional in 2012 to find joy every day.

So jump on over to I'll be there every day (hopefully) learning to live life more abundantly. Just like my Jesus told me to.

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